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(Updated: January 16th 2013)

Hello! (emoticon: happy)

Welcome to Code Basement!

This is the place where I (RHL) release my free software.

There have been a lot of good responses to my demos, so thanks go out to all of the people spreading the word! (emoticon: happy)
I'd also like to especially thank those who supply a link to this site for doing so! That way people can always get the newest builds of my software! (I do remove outdated files, so direct linking is striclty not advised.)

I like simplicity and this page should reflect that.

Due to my day job as a game programmer, as well as some other personal projects, I haven't taken the time to release any updates or new software for quite some time. That should eventually change.

NDS Volumetric Shadow Demo 1.6.0

(Updated: January 16th 2013)

This small open source program demonstrates, among other things, some of the NDS' graphics hardware capabilities.

The current version 1.6.0 is very likely to be the final one, although it has not been decided, yet.
A higher quality program (both in presentation and programming) called "VSD 2.0" will take its place in the future, so visit this site from time to time and look for the new release!


It is mainly targeted towards NDS homebrew development beginners.

The program's current release was build with devkitARM R23b, libnds 20071023 and libfat 20070127, using devkitARM's default AMR7 binary.
The toolset and libraries can be obtained over at devkitPro.org - open source and for free!

> It is very important that you read the included readme! <


Emulators: When using FCSR, it is mostly compatible with no$gba 2.6. (The emulator is still missing some features.) Other emulators are not supported!

Hardware: Compatible with DLDI-able FAT cards - tested with SLOT1 M3 Real via the firmware's autopatching.
Through FCSR, it is also compatible with older SLOT2 (GBA) NOR cartridges - tested with NeoFlash 512Mb.

Zombie NDS Demo

(Updated: January 16th 2013)

This is a demo I made to develop a little 2D particle system.
Based on that particle system, the game is a bloody and simple shooter. (emoticon: happy)
Remember, it's not a complete game, just a small test.

> Make sure you read the included readme. <


Emulators: It's fully compatible with no$gba 2.6.

Hardware: Fully compatible with all devices. (Works without DLDI!)

Get the demo here:
Zombie NDS (.nds)


Can't run NDS homebrew? Get the free version of no$gba!

Can't open .rar files? Use Winrar (you can use it for free) or 7-Zip, (it's open source freeware)!

Join me and thousands of others and support important medical research through
No registration needed! Simply download and run the software.

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